Sunday, November 24, 2013

174th Gavel Meeting

“A Tribute to the often unsung hero”

It was the high time to appreciate the hero of our world, our father. According to a suggestion of the Immediate Past Vice President Membership, Chandima Senevirathne the 174th Gavel meeting was dedicated to voice our thoughts about our fathers. 

The meeting was held at room 215 Sumanadasa building on 4th of July 2013, 5.00 p.m onwards. The President, Pasan Pethiyagode called the meeting to order.  Everyone stood up for the national anthem. Then the control of the meeting was handed over to the Toastmaster. The Toastmaster was the author of the club, Samawath mallawarachchi. He then presented the role players for the day. They were as follows.

Topic Master – Sajith Asanka 
 Timer- Hiran Karunarathne
Ah counter –  Kasun Chanaka
Grammarian – Rukshan Maliq
Table Topic Evaluator I- Sandareka Wickramanayake 
Table Topic Evaluator II- Hasini Abeywickrama 
Prepared Speech Evaluator –
General Evaluator – Pasan Pethiyagode

Arousing the pride and lovable feelings about our own fathers Samawath gave the round robin session topic as “What’s so special about your father?” We got to know that each and every one of us admire our own father a lot and above all we all become wordless when it comes to express our thoughts about him.  Then the table topic session was started by Sajith introducing the topics for today’s session. The gathering was able to listen to a bunch of emotional touching speeches. If our fathers were in the audience, no doubts their eyes would fill with tears.

Control was returned to the Toastmaster. Then the stage was opened to a prepared speaker. The smiling gravellier, Imesh LihiniKaduarachchi delivered his interesting second speech.  After taking all the reports, the Gavel was returned to the President.

The meeting was adjourned by the President. 

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