Thursday, February 2, 2012

133rd Meeting

The 133rd Gavel Meeting was held on 15th December at 5.00 pm onwards at Hall 215, Sumanadasa Building.
Role players for this meeting were as bellow:

Toast Master – Sandareka Wickramanayake
Topic Master – Rajasooriyar Canagasooriyar
Timer- Sashini Hapuarachchi
Ah counter – Danula
Grammarian – Thushan Ganegedara
CL Evaluator- Niles Perera
Table Topic Evaluator I- Pasan Pethiyagoda
Table Topic Evaluator II- Hasini Abeywickrama
Prepared Speech Evaluator - Chandima Senewiraththa
General Evaluator – Geethanga Wijesinghe

As the normal proceeding the meeting was called to order by the President, Niles Perera. Round robin session was conducted n the topic “How to defend your dreams.” Table topic session was quite interesting as topics consisted on arguable topics such as “Role of a Working woman”. This meeting marked a special day of Maurya’s Gavel journey as he completed his first project out of ten in the Competent Communicator Manual. We were able to get to know him inside-out. Then the project co-chairs of the most anticipated event in the Gavel calendar, Speech Olympiad VI were introduced by the president. They were the last time champion Pasan Pethiyagoda and 1st runner-up Hasini Abeywickrama. After giving a brief introduction about the event, they described task allocation for each subcommittee. At last they requested everyone to give their fullest support make Speech Olympiad-2012 a big success. Finally the 133rd meeting was adjourned by the president.

128th Meeting

The 128th meeting was another milestone of the Gavel Club on its way. On that day Gavel family warmly welcomed the new members of it, ’11 batch students. The meeting was held at 5.00 pm at CSE Tutorial room on 08th of November 2011. It was the inaugural meeting for ’11 batch. The room was packed with new comers. All of them were really enthusiastic to get to know how a gavel meeting would be preceded.
The role players for the day were as follows:
Toast Master – Dinesh Kenady
Topic Master – Amila Indunil Gamage
 Timer- Chandima Senewiraththa
Ah counter - Sandareka Wickramanayake
Grammarian – Damith Senanayake
CL Evaluator- Niles Perera
Table Topic Evaluator I- Pasan Pethiyagoda
Table Topic Evaluator II- Rajasooriyar Canagasooriyar
Prepared Speech Evaluator - Channa Gunasekara
General Evaluator – Thushan Ganegedara

Due to the huge gathering conducting the round robin session in the usual way was not possible. Therefore it was held as a game and all of us enjoyed every bit of it. Then began the grand show of the day: Table Topic Session. It was amazing to see how new comers grab each and every chance to raise their voices. The audience was enriched with different views and thoughts. Topics Master would have done a great job in selecting such an array of topics that everyone was encouraged to talk. Unfortunately this session had to be closed because we were running out of time. Then the prepared speech session was supposed to be held. New comers were really impressed by a fabulous speech done by Hasini Abeywickrama, 1strunner up Speech Olympiad 2010. No doubts it would be a model speech and would let the new comers to realize which kind of speakers gavel is producing. After all a memorable meeting was adjourned by the president Niles Perera. 

127th Meeting

127th Meeting – Gavel Club
127th Gavel meeting was held at 5 p.m onwards on 3rd of November at CSLB- Department of TLM. It was another remarkable day in the Gavel calendar. Orientation Program ’11 of the club was successfully held on that day for the newly taken batch of faculty of Engineering.
Role Players for the meeting were as follows:

Toast Master – Ishan Thilina Somasiri
Topic Master - Dinesh Kenady
 Timer- Malinga Perera
Ah counter- Charitha Saumya
Grammarian-  Thushan Ganegedara
CL Evaluator- Pasan Pethiyagoda
Table Topic Evaluator I- Chandima Senevirathna
Table Topic Evaluator II-
Prepared Speech Evaluator I- Hasini Abeywickrama
Prepared Speech Evaluator II - Tharindu Randeny
General Evaluator – Sandareka Wickramanayaka

The round robin session was on the most popular topic of the younger generation: “How to ask out from your dream girl / boy”. No special evidence would be necessary to prove that it was an enjoyable session. Then the time was to conduct the table topic session. After that an active ’10 gravellier Sachille Athapaththu broke his ice at the Gavel Club letting the audience to get know about him well. It was followed by a marvelous speech presented by Mr. President, Niles Perera. It was his 7th project in the Competitive Communication manual.

After presenting all the reports for the day the meeting was called for the end by the President, Niles Perera.