Sunday, November 24, 2013

172nd Gavel Meeting

After a successful orientation meeting Gavel members again met on 20th of June 2013 for another Gavel meeting. It was the 172nd Gavel meeting held at room no 215, Sumanadasa building.

Role players for this meeting were as bellow:
Toast Master – Isuru Pasan
Topic Master – Sirimevan Jayasundara
 Timer- Hiran Chathuranga
 Ah counter – Imesh Lihinikaduarchchi
Grammarian – Sachille Athapaththu
CL Evaluator- Sandareka Wickramanayake
Table Topic Evaluator I- Dinesh Kenady
Table Topic Evaluator II- Rukshan Maliq
General Evaluator – Charith Akalanka

The president, Pasan Pethiyagode commenced the meeting at about 5.15 p.m.  According to usual proceedings everyone stood up for the national anthem. Then toastmaster, Isuru was given the control of the meeting. After a wonderful round robin session he called upon the Table Topic Master, Sirimevan. Sirimevan put an exciting array of topics on the table which led to an entertaining and worth listening speeches. Then time was for the evaluation reports. After taking those reports control was returned back to the Toastmaster. Toastmaster then called the president to conduct a special event. It was a game in order to enhance negotiation skills. What players had to do was meet anther five players, negotiate and divide 100/= so that he/she would be able to get the bigger portion. The game was really interesting and funny. Everyone took part actively. The person who got the highest amount was the winner. Then came the 2nd part of the game. Two volunteers were invited to argue on a given topic. Two new comers accepted the challenge. After the first round the debaters were asked to argue on the opposite topic. After an enjoyable session Toastmaster called the Grammarian’s report. Then General Evaluator presented his report.

The president concluded the meeting at about 7.45 p.m. 

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