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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Speech Olympiad VII

Speech Olympiad VII

The Gavel Club of University of Moratuwa, an affiliate of Toastmasters International, commenced the 7th volume of its flagship event, Speech Olympiad VII for the Imperial College Challenge Shield with its preliminary rounds falling on the 2nd of July 2013 and the Semi-finals on the 16th of July 2013. This event is one of the most anticipated events in the University Calendar among the students from all three faculties of the university.

The contest, Speech Olympiad, is organized for no other purpose than for the betterment of communication and presentation skills of the undergraduates of University of Moratuwa. The event is reputed for its ability to uncover the hidden and unseen skills of the undergraduates which will undoubtedly aid them in their road to success. This is proven by humbly but proudly acknowledging the fact that Speech Olympiad has produced winners and finalists in contests such as the 'Inter-university Speech Contest' and 'All Island Best Speaker Contest'.

Contestants from all faculties and departments took part in the preliminary round of the competition, out of whom the twelve best speakers were selected as semifinalists, the best five out of them, ventured into the Grand-Finale, and contended to be crowned as the best public speaker of the university of Moratuwa, and for the Imperial College Challenge Shield for Speech Olympiad VII!

The grand finale, which was held on the 1st of August 2013, in the Auditorium of the Department of Civil Engineering of University of Moratuwa, was graced by the presence of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Professor Rahula Attalage, who admired the efforts of the students who were tirelessly involved in the process of organising such a spectacle to such great effect. Mastering the ceremony and chairing the contest was done by the Vice President-Education of the Gavel Club of University of Moratuwa, Hasini Abeywickrama. The panel of judges comprising of Distinguished Toastmasters was spearheaded by none other than the Club Coordinator, Distinguished Toastmaster Zameen M. Saleem.
After thorough and difficult evaluation of the equally competitive prepared speeches by the five finalists; in the order of Hasindu Siyambalape of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Dinesh Kenady of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management, Akshika Wijesundera of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Mohamed Yasir of the Department of Civil Engineering and Rafidh Rifaadh of  the Faculty of Architecture, they were required to make an impromptu speech of 1 to 2 ½ minutes on the topic “A thousand-mile journey begins with one step”. And after the conclusion of both rounds, the panel of judges announced their results. Mohamed Yasir was dubbed the 2nd Runner Up of the contest and Hasindu Siyambalape came Runner Up. And despite the close competition, the winner of Speech Olympiad VII, whose name will be etched into the Imperial College Challenge Shield for Speech Olympiad was none other than Rafidh Rifaadh. Akalanka Samarasena, one of the project co-chairs extended the gratitude of the club to all parties who helped in numerous ways for such a successful event.

Being the only entity operating within the university with the sole intention of the enhancement of soft-skills of the undergraduates- particularly their presentation, public-speaking and leadership skills, Gavel Club of University of Moratuwa provides a sound platform on which they can burnish their skills by following the internationally accepted methodologies followed by Toastmasters International.

The flagship event of the Gavel Club of University of Moratuwa, Speech Olympiad is a spectacle not to be missed by anyone who would admire the clash of wits and words of brilliant young folks, which enlightens the masses of the importance of public speaking, and brings the unheard voices and opinion to the spotlight by providing them with a stage!

Damith Senanayake
Project Co-Chairperson  

26th July – 2013 – Daily Mirror

174th Gavel Meeting

“A Tribute to the often unsung hero”

It was the high time to appreciate the hero of our world, our father. According to a suggestion of the Immediate Past Vice President Membership, Chandima Senevirathne the 174th Gavel meeting was dedicated to voice our thoughts about our fathers. 

The meeting was held at room 215 Sumanadasa building on 4th of July 2013, 5.00 p.m onwards. The President, Pasan Pethiyagode called the meeting to order.  Everyone stood up for the national anthem. Then the control of the meeting was handed over to the Toastmaster. The Toastmaster was the author of the club, Samawath mallawarachchi. He then presented the role players for the day. They were as follows.

Topic Master – Sajith Asanka 
 Timer- Hiran Karunarathne
Ah counter –  Kasun Chanaka
Grammarian – Rukshan Maliq
Table Topic Evaluator I- Sandareka Wickramanayake 
Table Topic Evaluator II- Hasini Abeywickrama 
Prepared Speech Evaluator –
General Evaluator – Pasan Pethiyagode

Arousing the pride and lovable feelings about our own fathers Samawath gave the round robin session topic as “What’s so special about your father?” We got to know that each and every one of us admire our own father a lot and above all we all become wordless when it comes to express our thoughts about him.  Then the table topic session was started by Sajith introducing the topics for today’s session. The gathering was able to listen to a bunch of emotional touching speeches. If our fathers were in the audience, no doubts their eyes would fill with tears.

Control was returned to the Toastmaster. Then the stage was opened to a prepared speaker. The smiling gravellier, Imesh LihiniKaduarachchi delivered his interesting second speech.  After taking all the reports, the Gavel was returned to the President.

The meeting was adjourned by the President. 

173rd Gavel Meetiing

The arena of orators – Speech Olympiad VII, was getting ready to crown the best speaker of the university for the year 2013. Enthusiastic speakers were also gathering their thoughts and preparing to deliver their best speeches making the dream to hold the Speech Olympiad Shield, a reality. With the intension of lending a hand to those speakers next Gavel meeting was held as a workshop. The guest speaker was none other than our beloved Immediate Past President, the finalist of All Island Best Speaker 2011 Niles Perera.

The 173rd Gavel meeting was commenced by the President Pasan Pethiyagode at 5.20 p.m at CSLR on 24th of June 2013. After the national anthem the President introduced the Toastmaster for this special workshop. He was Rukshan Maliq. Then time was for the round robin session. This was a great chance to gavelliers and especially for presented non gavelliers to warm up themselves and have the experience of an impromtive speech.  Then the stage was open for a grand show. The winner of the Speech Olympiad VI, Sirimevan Jayasundara was called upon to the stage to entertain the gathering with his wining speech. The room was echoed with applause given to Srimevan at the end of his speech.  It was indeed a fabulous speech.

How to make such a wining speech was the next question came to most of heads in the audience. Niles Perera the guest speaker was ready to answer the question. He presented a fantastic presentation on “How to prepare a wining speech?” It answered each and every question a novel speaker would have in a detailed manner providing dozens of tips. He explained everything from selecting a topic to delivering a speech. There is no doubt that it was a worth attending meeting.

Control was returned to the President by the Toastmaster.  Another productive Gavel meeting met the end of it at about 8.15. 

172nd Gavel Meeting

After a successful orientation meeting Gavel members again met on 20th of June 2013 for another Gavel meeting. It was the 172nd Gavel meeting held at room no 215, Sumanadasa building.

Role players for this meeting were as bellow:
Toast Master – Isuru Pasan
Topic Master – Sirimevan Jayasundara
 Timer- Hiran Chathuranga
 Ah counter – Imesh Lihinikaduarchchi
Grammarian – Sachille Athapaththu
CL Evaluator- Sandareka Wickramanayake
Table Topic Evaluator I- Dinesh Kenady
Table Topic Evaluator II- Rukshan Maliq
General Evaluator – Charith Akalanka

The president, Pasan Pethiyagode commenced the meeting at about 5.15 p.m.  According to usual proceedings everyone stood up for the national anthem. Then toastmaster, Isuru was given the control of the meeting. After a wonderful round robin session he called upon the Table Topic Master, Sirimevan. Sirimevan put an exciting array of topics on the table which led to an entertaining and worth listening speeches. Then time was for the evaluation reports. After taking those reports control was returned back to the Toastmaster. Toastmaster then called the president to conduct a special event. It was a game in order to enhance negotiation skills. What players had to do was meet anther five players, negotiate and divide 100/= so that he/she would be able to get the bigger portion. The game was really interesting and funny. Everyone took part actively. The person who got the highest amount was the winner. Then came the 2nd part of the game. Two volunteers were invited to argue on a given topic. Two new comers accepted the challenge. After the first round the debaters were asked to argue on the opposite topic. After an enjoyable session Toastmaster called the Grammarian’s report. Then General Evaluator presented his report.

The president concluded the meeting at about 7.45 p.m.