Sunday, March 4, 2012

135th Gavel Meeting

The 135th Gavel Meeting was held on 29th December at 5.00 pm onwards at Hall 215, Sumanadasa Building.  This was a new form of meeting. It was named as “Speech Marathon Meeting” where only prepared speeches were delivered.   8 members delivered their projects as follows.

Hansani                - Ice breaker
Pasan                    - 4th project – “Baka Baka”
Dilhasha               - Ice breaker
Hasini                    - Rs 100/= and pink lipstick
Niles                      - 8th project -“The hub”
Visal                       - Ice breaker
Amjath                 -2nd project- “Perseverance”
Charitha               - Ice breaker 

This was a novel experience for the members where they had a chance to witness a bunch of great prepared speeches. Each and every speech had reached great heights in terms of their quality. It was great chance to gain experiences what are different aspects that can be used to add a value to a speech for those who were planning to take part in Speech Olympiad VI. A fun game conducted by Hasitha was able to bring more fun to the place. After the speech marathon two project co-chairs of the Speech Olympiad were called to explain the task allocation of the event. After that the meeting was called to order by the president Niles Perera.

Christmas meeting - 134th Gave meeting

134th Gavel meeting was held at 5 p.m onwards on 22nd of December at CSLR- Department of CSE. Gavel never let any special day in the year calendar to go without celebrating.  This was one such day. The Gavel Christmas Meeting. 

Role Players for the meeting were as follows:
Toast Master – Nirmal Silva
Topic Master – Santa (Charith Akalanka)
 Timer- Niles Perera
Ah counter- Samawath Mallawaarachchi
Grammarian- Romesh Malinga Perera
CL Evaluator- Rajasooriyar Canagasooriyar
Table Topic Evaluator I- Erangi De costa
Table Topic Evaluator II- Channa Gunasekara
Prepared Speech Evaluator - Eshan Perera

Even the invitation for the meeting was different. Members were asked to come on a dress code red and white. The room was filled with junior, senior and former members. The meeting was called to order by the president, Niles Perera. Then the special toastmaster for the day was introduced, Nirmal Silva. Who have took tremendous effort to find a red shirt. And he emerged from the rest due to his dress. He conducted the round robin session on the topic “What is the thought we should get into our hearts in this Christmas season?”  . Different views were popped up where Hasitha decorated the session by stunning vocals. 

Then time was to table topic session. Giving a surprise to everyone Santa had come all way to our meeting to conduct the table topic session with bunch of chocolates. Every speaker was given a chocolate. So no special evidence is needed to say that audience was really persuaded to come to the stage. No one in the audience would forget that session forever because it was that much interesting. Erangi and Channa gave very descriptive evaluations to the speakers. Next came prepared speech session. 

Sashini Hapuarchchi broke her ice in a fantastic way. According to the evaluator, Eshan it was at first 3 ice breakers of the club. 

This meeting became more special because of the impressive carols presented by a group of Catholic Society fellows.   They were truly amazing and added a real value to the occasion. After the meeting was adjourned by the president audience was offered a delicious treatment.