Wednesday, November 9, 2011

126th Gavel Meeting

126th Gavel meeting was held at 5.00 p.m. 24/11/2011 at CSLR. This meeting marked a milestone in the Gavel history as we were under the newly appointed president Niles Perera. Though the members were more than happy to see the new president on duty, the weather was not quite happy about it.

However this day was important due to several reasons. New logo, as assigned by the Toastmasters International was introduced by our immediate past president Channa Gunasekara. Moreover the new template for the agenda designed by Thushan Ganegedara was chosen as the new Gavel agenda template. Last but not least was the introduction of a Competent Leadership evaluator to evaluate all the role players for the Competent Leadership manual.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

125th Awesome Birthday of Gavel

It was the 125th birthday of our Gavel Club. The meeting began with a descriptive and informative speech from the outgoing President Channa Gunasekara mentioning about the achievements of Gavel within the past year. He then introduced the Toastmaster for the day was Speak Olympiad 2009 Champion Eshan Perera who conducted the customary "President Bashing" for the round robin session. 

There were four speeches from the guest toastmasters who were there for this special event, District Governor M.Z. Saleem, Area Governor Srianthie Salgado, TM Hiranthi Ratnayake & UoM Toastmasters Club President TM Hewa, and they elaborated about the importance of public speaking to be extraordinary from ordinary. Then the interesting table topics session was conducted by Sasika Gunasekara and Tharindu Randeny (better known as Ronny). There were two boxes of chits and one of them had certain jobs while the other had a description of a Gavel club member. The volunteer who took each job had to explain why she/he is suitable for each job. Those who picked a chit from the other box had to correctly guess and build a speech based on the described characteristics.