Friday, April 26, 2013

168th Gavel Meeting

A group of girls wearing cheeththa frocks and a group of boys wearing sarongs and shirts gathered to the Post Graduate Seminar Room, ENTC Building on 22nd of April of Monday to celebrate Sinhala Hindu New Year at Gavel.

“Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year”, the President commenced the 168th Gavel meeting – Aluth Awrudu Meeting. Everyone was eagerly waiting to share experiences and to grab Aluth Awrudu fun at Gavel. Everyone stood up for the national anthem lead by Damith Senanayake. To conduct this special meeting, the President introduced the Toastmaster. The Toastmaster was an enthusiastic member of the club, Imesh LihiniKaduarchchi. Role players were introduced. In order to let the audience to warm up their voices round robin session was conducted raising the topic as “How was your new year?” Since this is the season in which everyone is on a cloud nine, no-one found that 20 secs were enough to share their experiences. After a joyful round robin session the Table Topic Master for this meeting was called upon.  Charitha Saumya, a dedicated Gavellier of the time had come up with a nice set of topics. Sweet memories of playing traditional games like “Kata gaseema”, the egg story, making Kokis, rituals, Nonagatha time activities were some of experiences shared on the stage. Unless time was a constraint we could have listened to hundreds of stories. After a wonderful Table Topic session control was returned to the Toastmaster. An emerging great speaker of the club Vibhanu Arachchige made a fabulous speech on “Am I still dreaming?” as his second project in the CC manual. After all the evolution reports were taken the Gavel was handed over to the President. He adjourned the meeting inviting all the members in the house to enjoy arranged refreshment. Delicious sweets were even sweater with laughters, as always. After having the usual photo shooting the Aluth Awrudu meeting 2013 came to the end.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

167th Gavel Meeting

February and March are the most awaited and the most excited months in boys’ school calendars, just because it is the big match season. Boys, old boys, family members and friends all gather in numbers to grounds not only to witness an excited cricket encounter but also most importantly to witness “the big match fun”.  So why don’t we share such wonderful experiences in Gavel? It was the big match meeting at Gavel on 25th of March 2013 at 5 p.m. in hall 215, Sumanadasa Building.

The President commenced the 3rd consecutive big match meeting. After the national anthem, the Toastmaster for that special meeting was declared.  Of course the Toastmaster was an enthusiastic member of the club, and was the one and only Anandian in that audience, Vibhanu Arachchige. After the introduction of role players the round robin topic was raised. The topic was “Going to the big with your girl friend/boy friend”. Most of the members of the house suggested that it is not going to work.  After a funny session Table Topic Master was called upon. A big match fan for the sake of the word was invited to take the control and we got to know that he had wonderful experiences in big matches. The person was Sirimevna Jayasundara. He came up with a great set of topics. Boys in the audience were really enthusiastic to put their experiences into words. After a joyful session the control was handed over to the Toastmaster. The gathering was really lucky to witness two brilliant speeches by two experienced speakers in the club, one by Hasini Abeywikrama and another one by Dinesh Kenady. Simply they were amazing.  After having the evaluations of those speeches, another excited meeting came to the end.

The president adjourned the 167th meeting.